Wind-Rose model in Kindergarten Jarun

After the successful finish of the two years long Erasmus+ „Quality 3C Child (cheerful, courageous, creative child)?“ project, in which Kindergarten Jarun participated as a one of the  partners, Kindergarten Jarun leaders (expert associates staff) decided to implement useful project experiences and acquired knowledge. Among other evaluation methods used to assess various segments of learning and upbringing process, this pedagogical year we decided to incorporate the use of the Wind-Rose model to reflect on the quality of learning and upbringing process in our groups using the Wind-Rose model twelve criteria.

In November 2018. we presented the Wind-Rose model in detail before the Kindergarten Jarun Teachers’ Council, based on the additional clarifications of every single criteria that all partners agreed on through the project, and based on the partners presentations from the project final conference held in Parnu, Estonia, in June 2018.

As Kindergarten Jarun numbers 39 educational groups, the expert associates grouped all 39 groups according to age, and elected by chance six educational groups representing every one of the six age categories.

Parents of children attending the six elected groups, their kindergarten teachers, and expert associates will participate, and evaluate the learning and upbringing process. Good project based experiences will be used when collecting the data through the online questionnaire, along which the participants will be provided with the whole Wind-Rose model including the additional clarifications for every single criteria as a reference point.

We expect to have the results of the evaluation by the middle of December, and inform the parents and kindergarten teachers by the end of February 2019.



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